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The short version:

A lifetime of appreciating the uniqueness of hand-crafted jewelry
inspired by Mother Nature and the craftsmanship of times past

The long version:

I'm often asked, how did you get into making jewelry? The truth is, I don't remember ever not making jewelry. My mother owned a jewelry and clothing boutique when I was younger, and we created designs together. My father is a silversmith, lapidary artist, wood carver, stone carver... there's a lot more. He's even carved some of the lapis lazuli, jade, and turquoise that I've made into jewelry!

Like my father and grandfather, whose rock collection always fascinated me, I'm drawn to the inherent beauty of stones, shells, feathers, and the natural world around us. My first career as a biologist attests to that! After transitioning from research scientist to science writer, I yearned for that time working with my hands at the laboratory bench. So I started doing what I know and love - making beautiful things inspired by the beauty around us.

I love incorporating vintage elements, and I often dabble in other art forms - basket weaving, macrame, painting, working with clay. I find that each technique inspires new ideas for jewelry designs. Thank you for joining me in this journey!


PS - I created an instagram page for my father's artwork: @mydadsdesigns... and of course for my jewelry @stonegroovedesigns and my forays into vintage/repurposed treasures @stonegroovevintage. Enjoy!